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Meet the Cast & Crew

Beware the green eyes in the darkness.

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Dustin Ritchea

Dungeon Master

"Your best friend and your greatest enemy.”


Dustin has always been a storyteller, and The Legend of Nabell started in fifth grade with a song. It wasn’t until college, however, that Dustin started playing Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder, weaving stories for his friends and family. 


Dustin is currently the Production Director for Indiana Dunes Tourism, where he coordinates the production of video and graphic design projects. He is also the owner of Nabell Media, a marketing agency that helps, “Let Your Story Tower.”  


He has a master’s degree in telecommunications (production and design) from Indiana University and bachelor’s degrees in English and theater arts with minors in religion and media writing from Augsburg University. 

Dustin started Roll Seekers as a way to get together with his loved ones and entertain others who are seeking adventure, glory, and an escape from the mundane, as long as they’re all willing to go both, “there and back again.”

Roll Seekers_Allison Ritchea (Bio Photo).jpg

Allison Ritchea

Vyr Zaphrune

Allison works as a Regional Property Manager for senior living communities. She wants to continue to grow in her current occupation but would love to one day own a non-profit shelter for senior dogs, where they could live out their lives if they lose their owners. Allison absolutely loves animals. She currently has two dogs and six rats. When she’s not spending time with her animals or friends playing D&D, she also loves to travel, hike, read, watch TV series, do escape rooms, and spend time with family.


When Allison first met Dustin, he was already a seasoned D&D player and DM, and Allison never thought it would be something she would be interested in. As she watched multiple games, she decided to give it a try and fell in love with the game. This was a great way for Allison to get out of her comfort zone.


She loves that D&D can be played by anyone and it can help build confidence. She loves the role-playing and story aspect of the campaigns, and she loves when something from months prior connects to a larger story. She’s so excited to be sharing this experience with you! 

Bio_Kevin Wesley.jpg

Kevin Wesley

The Vey

Kevin Wesley is a healer both in-game and out. An avid gamer and a lover of fantasy, board games, and adventures, you will often find Kevin exploring imaginary worlds or hiking mountains in the real one. 

Kevin is a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy. He's been known to travel internationally with a moment's notice, and he is a friend of a friend—always willing to lend a hand. 

We can't wait for him to be our cleric again. 

Martin Buinicki (Green Eyes)_edited.jpg

Martin Buinicki


Martin is the lead writer for Gaming Honors, an RPG company based in northwest Indiana. In addition to writing and playing games, he teaches courses focused on games and literature at Valparaiso University, where he is an English professor. He also appears regularly on Honor Among Thieves, an RPG-themed talk show on the Goodman Games Twitch channel. After making several guest appearances last season on The Roll Seekers and the Legend of Nabell, Martin is thrilled to become a regular member of the cast!


Trevor Spiegel

The Barbarian

Trevor is a man of mystery. Details are sparse about this voice-throwing seductioneer. He loves innuendos almost as much as he loves his family. A devoted father and humble Seeker, this closeted gamer has only just hit his stride as a nerd, but oh, the distance he will go.

Roll Seekers_Jami Spiegel (Bio Photo).jpg

Jami Spiegel 


Jami Spiegel started her tabletop adventures with Pathfinder over ten years ago with her brother, Dustin. Roleplaying sorcerers and animal-loving characters has become one of her favorite pastimes. When she's not rolling dice, you can find her at home with her husband, seven dogs, two rabbits, and designer clownfish.


Second to her family is her love of teaching; in 2021 she will earn her degree in Early Childhood Education from Purdue University and will go on to be the best educator she can be. She dreams of instilling a love of learning in all of her students.

Bio_Darrell Ritchea.jpg

Darrell Ritchea


Darrell Ritchea is a musician by vocation and the audio and technical engineer for Roll Seekers. As the Father of our Game Master, Darrell has been involved with every aspect of production, helping with painting miniatures, building our gaming table, renovating our set, and being the heart and soul of our game behind the scenes—improving morale every time he steps into the room.

Roll Seekers_Red Light Photos.jpg

Mystery Guests


Nabell is a land of shifting earth and bending tides. The whims of the gods are fickle, and guests often step in to change the fates of the Roll Seekers. Join us for random guest stars and celebrities as they attempt to change their rolls and their fates.

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Eli Carden


Eli became a Roll Seeker when he was in eighth grade, and he is the youngest member. When he’s not in school or playing D&D, he enjoys playing video games of all kinds. Eli spent four years watching his family play D&D games before he was finally asked to join. He saw everyone having so much fun that he couldn’t wait until he was old enough to play. Dustin challenged him with reading “The Hobbit” before he could join a game.


Eli has now actively been playing for three years and has sparked interest in the game with some of his classmates. His favorite parts about the game are being able to roleplay as different characters and getting lost in the story. 

Roll Seekers_Calvin Carden (Bio Photo).jpg

Calvin Carden 

Guest Star

Calvin is a sophomore in college at Indiana University. When he’s not in class or playing D&D, he enjoys watching movies, playing board games and video games, and occasionally drawing.


Calvin was invited to play a game with Dustin about nine years ago and played off and on until joining a large campaign about five years ago. He loves the variety of the stories and how it’s been weaved into a game he can enjoy with his friends. 

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