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Making Roll Seekers

Imaginative Subcreation

Born from a love of Tolkien, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and all things nerdy and fantastic, the Roll Seekers & The Legend of Nabell is a tabletop role-playing experience headed by Dungeon Master Dustin Ritchea and his intrepid Seekers. 

The game is live streamed the first and third Saturdays of the month and features an original story taking place within the world of Nabell.

The entire production is run by the cast, who wants nothing more than to bring joy to the gaming community who inspired them.

Role Seekers_Druid.jpg


Role Seekers_Fighter.jpg

David Jones

Role Seekers_Wizard (v02).jpg

Montigue Dhalethm

Role Seekers_Rogue.jpg

Lexi Mox

Role Seekers_Cleric.jpg

Lyra Besthal

The Great Song

Hum’da ci’da coda se’da Umm

In the darkness lies the light of the gods
Whose death is marked by a tower’d tomb
For which they built in sacrifice
To save our world from doom. 

A Nameless God on an empty throne
Now peers through shadowed glass,
His will to see all things unmade
For darkness’ rule at last.

And all shall be forgotten.

World Map.jpg

The Legend
of Nabell

"The Gods are dead.

They have been for a long time..."

The Legend of Nabell is a series of stories taking place in the world of Nabell, a storyworld created by Dustin in fifth grade. Since that time, the world has continued to grow, and many players and characters have been able to call it home, even if it was just for a brief time. 


The current campaign, the Trevian Forest, takes place far to the south, in a land fraught with political unrest, ancient curses, and an evil tyrant hellbent on bringing an end to the ecclesiarch of Istarius, the goddess of fate. 

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