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Introducing Our Newest Seeker, Martin Buinicki!

Martin Buinicki is no stranger to The Roll Seekers and the Legend of Nabell. He first got to know our intrepid band of streamers when his company, Gaming Honors, became a sponsor and provided us with a set of their Hero Pins™, the world’s first RPG health indicator pins.

Soon he appeared as a guest star, bringing us Haragrin the Amazing, a bard of ‘80s, ‘90s, and today. Martin’s a music lover, and over several episodes Haragrin provided his own lyrics to everything from “Heartbreak Hotel” to “Don’t Speak” as he cast spells. It was great bardic fun, but, alas, Haragrin was struck down in our penultimate episode (though his noble halfling scribe, Slip, lives on somewhere in Nabell to tell his tale).

Had Martin reached the end of the road with the Roll Seekers?

No! As luck would have it, a seat opened up at the table, and we invited Martin to join us on our new campaign, The Light of Tyve. After careful and deliberate consideration–at least 15 seconds!--he said yes, and soon he’ll bring the rogue Whisper to the mysterious and dangerous lands of Tyve.

Martin is an English professor and a long-time gamer, and he’s the author of several modules for Gaming Honors. His wife Andrea is the CEO, and they have two sons who are now in college. We asked him what excited him the most about becoming a Seeker, and he said, “Dustin’s storytelling throughout every episode is amazing: who wouldn’t want to be a part of the epic tale he spins at the table each session? And the friendship and camaraderie of the players is wonderful. This is a great group of people who love gaming and love spending time together. I’m honored to join the party!”

Come see what Martin has in mind for Whisper, and what Dustin has in mind for the Roll Seekers, when The Light of Tyve premieres Tuesday, September 5th, at 6 p.m. CST!

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