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Meet the Heroes of the Light of Tyve!

The PCs in The Light of Tyve are unlike any you’ve ever seen before–literally! With new races, a new class, and backstories rooted in Dustin Ritchea’s original world of Nabell, this band of heroes promises an unforgettable adventure. The gang is just getting started, so many mysteries have yet to be revealed, but here’s a brief introduction to the party and what we know so far!

Vyr Zaphrune — Umtheran Ethomancer (Original Class and Race): Let’s kick things off with a PC who is a real original. Vyr Zaphrune is a lean, pale Umtheran, descended from many lineages, but mainly elven. Her homelands are a place of desolation and darkness, and she feels most at home in the shadows. The ways of Tyve seem strange to her: why can’t people see in the dark? Why do the people fear and loathe magic, and why don’t they celebrate the wonderful power of death and dying? As an ethomancer, Vyr draws the lifeforce from others to fuel her spells, and why not? All life leads to Death, does it not? Shipwrecked in Tyve with her companion, the regal Venari elf Helina, how the unlikely pair came to be together, and what they seek, remains unknown…for now.

Helena–Vanari (High Elf) Ranger: Helena is a beautiful Vanari who grew up in a noble family.

Accustomed to the best of everything, she is often unwittingly condescending and entitled. Shipwrecked in Tyve on a mysterious errand, Helena finds herself having to adapt to the strange and hostile ways of Gavran society, which means hiding her identity. This isn’t easy, not only because of her striking elven features, but also her distinctive birthmark. The Venari worship an Elven Goddess of Light and usually get a tattoo of a sun. However, Helena was born with a remarkable sun shape around her left elbow, a birthmark resembling a masterful tattoo. She wears a shimmering crystal necklace and carries a mysterious vial she inspects periodically without opening. What secrets does it contain?

Whisper — Human Rogue: Whisper’s grandmother, a member of the infamous Stalkers thieves guild, taught him that silence is his greatest ally. Unfortunately, the 22-year-old rogue has always struggled to take this to heart, and his grandmother was forever hissing at him, “Whisper!” The word stuck, and his real name is now known to few. His father is also a mystery–he doesn’t even have stories to hang his imagination on–and he has only dim memories of his mother, who disappeared when he was six. He wears a key she gave him–his birthright, his mother said–and he is known to try it on any promising lock he finds. In spite of her caution, three years ago his grandmother was arrested while on a job and sentenced to the infamous Reef prison. Now Whisper works to free her by means necessary, both legal and…less so.

Sir Ernan Baldemar — Human Fighter: Where Ernan earned the title “Sir” is not yet known, though

he is quite proud of being a “Baldemar.” This charismatic fighter appears to prefer making love to waging war, and he seems much more likely to wield his guitar than his rapier. So far the objects of his amorous attention include nearly everyone he meets, including most of the party. While gregarious, he is quite stingy with details about his own life. He and Whisper have been friends for two years, and the young rogue still knows little of the tall man’s background, although he has noticed his companion occasionally grasping something he carries with him at all times. The handsome man also bears cruel-looking chain burn marks on his wrists. Seemingly content to aid Whisper in his escapades, Ernan clearly has goals of his own, beyond having a good time.

Normandy Borthal — Human Wizard: Fans of fantasy literature may find Normandy a puzzle: at a glance, this elderly man bears all the markers of a master of magic. He wears the long robes and hat of a mighty wizard, with the long beard of a sage, and his hands are often filled with books and a quill. However, his arcane powers seem rather rudimentary, and the burn marks on his arms suggests a painful mishap. When the party meets him, he is living in the woods with a girl named Aggie, whom he seems to be protecting. For reasons that remain a mystery, he avoids discussion of his past, and with the watchful eyes of the Gavran authorities forever on the lookout for the illicit use of magic, the wizard’s caution belies his cheerful demeanor.

“Rue” (or “Bluey”)-- Vey Cleric (New Race): Seeming to appear out of the ether, this pale lavender-skinned man has almost no memory of who he is or where he comes from, save for visions of a portentous and explosive encounter with another regal figure. However, the gray half-plate mail he wears, along with the distinctive warhammer seemingly crafted from smoked glass, suggests a man of martial prowess, and perhaps a more divine power, as well. He also carries a shard of pure Ithelion, the divine light that crystallized and shattered during the days of the war between the Gods. Having “awakened” in the land of Tyve and been found–and named–by the ragtag band of heroes, “Rue” searches for clues to his identity and his destiny.

Bjorn Gundersen–Human Barbarian: A middle-aged man hailing from a Viking-like tribe at the base of the mountains of Tyve, Bjorn’s apparently calm demeanor belies his massive size and strength. While slow to anger, Bjorn shares the warrior spirit of his tribe, reveling in battle. Fleeing the deprivations of raiders and the growing tyranny of the capital city of Tyve, Bjorn led his family’s people to the shores of Gavra, where they have tried to maintain their lifestyle in the shadow of the Gavran government. Now he accompanies Whisper and Ernan as their hired muscle and, more often than not, their moral conscience. His desire to earn coin is clear, but his reason for needing it so badly is not.

As you can see, we have a remarkable cast of characters, filled with secrets and ambitions yet to be revealed. Be sure to check out The Light of Tyve on Twitch and Tiktok, every other Tuesday night, to learn more about our heroes and their adventures. Want to try out the new class and the new races? Just head right over to!

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