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Connecting the Dots

Recap October 17, 2020

The group found themselves in a huge library, thinking maybe they might be back in the lighthouse. Suddenly, they heard a voice down one of the eight aisles. It was the Trash King, who was getting upset and putting books away in no correct order. He explained that this was not his memory, but rather a nightmare! They were in Khatzup’s tower, and the Trash King was a slave to him.

Khatzup pitted the different goblin clans against each other to create a war, which he used to his advantage to enslave goblins and have them help him build his massive tower. The Trash King couldn't find a way out, but the group noticed runes on the aisles and tried to find a book that might explain what they meant.

Montague instead found a book with 40 eyes on it. When he grabbed it, he could see all the things the eyes could see and his mind could not comprehend it.

Lyra found a book of shadows.

Lexi used mage hand to try to reach something up high, and in the process knocked down a pulsating blue brick.

David grabbed it, and it melded to his hands, burning him.

Clara tried to take it from him, but her hands also became stuck to the brick.

Lyra dispelled the magic on the brick, but Clara and David’s hands were still blue and melted everything they touched.

The group found a passage through a book shelf and ran down the tower as everything became engulfed in flames behind them.

David melted the door to escape the tower.

Outside of the tower, the group saw a wizard in dark red robes and a man covered in crow feathers near an ocean where the horizon was met with stars. The Trash king walked up to them, and the feathered man handed him a black necklace. 

All of a sudden, the group found themselves in a small cottage.

Outside, they heard an argument between a man and a woman. It was Rogert’s parents, arguing how he would never amount to anything. Rogert was outside too, as a small child, trying to learn how to till the ground. Once his father forgot about teaching him anything, he went to play with a spear by the family barn.

Lexi commented that Rogert didn't even know how to play well, and the group started to understand why Rogert was so timid. The group went to talk to young Rogert, when there was a burst of energy. Green and blue light pulsates through the small village and Rogert was thrown into the now charred and destroyed barn. Davis was knocked out and Lyra ran to Rogert, finding him dead. Outside, they saw Khatzup’s tower where the cottage once was. Rogert had stars in his eyes, but he took a breath.

The vision changed again, and the group was standing over Cecil. She had rope burns on her neck and was dead.

Varasha was in the room crying, before she left in a hurry.

The group followed her out and saw her go on horseback into the woods. Four guards stood outside talking about what to do. It was Keelix, Captain Gushwin, Don Jon, and another helmed person who did not speak. Clara and Lyra followed Varasha, while Lexi, Montague, and David stayed with Cecil.

A dark figure walked up to Cecil in her room. “Your mother is coming to see me, and you father will soon too," the figure said. "My plan is coming together. The seed is planted.” She opened Cecil’s dead eyes. “Look into the darkness child, and be touched.”

The moon's light went out.

Farther away, Clara and Lyra managed to keep up with Varasha before she came to a dead tree with red flowers. The tree was familiar to Clara. Varasha touched it, and a dark figure came out. It was the Bala'Yar.

Varasha asked, “What will it take?”

The figure responded, “Everything.”

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