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Deeper Into the Dream

Recap October 3, 2020

The next vision the group was pulled into was Montague’s. The group found themselves in the small town of Quar, consisting of average soldiers. Montague wanted to go look for the lieutenant who helped him long ago with his wizard training.

While trying to find him, they ran into Captain Boggs. They also saw some men gathered playing knife games. At last, they came to a door that Montague had to use magic to open. Behind it, up several flights of stairs, they found Lieutenant Laren.

“Welcome to The Spire,” the Lieutenant said, welcoming the group in, surprised to see Montague so early.

Clara immediately became upset when she noticed an obese owl that was so large she knew it couldn't fit out of its cage door. After breaking the cage, Laren gave the owl to Clara, claiming it was not his anyway.

Montague asked Laren about the star touched, which gave Lyra the same sick feeling as she did in her childhood “vision.”

The Lieutenant did not admit to knowing anything about the star touched, but did mention that Montague might have some reservations about the meeting he had scheduled with “Garreth” the next day.

Montague wished him luck, agreeing that there needed to be an end to the war. Laren told Montague he would give him an item to use when he was ready.

Meanwhile, Lexi noticed a strange book on the Lieutenant’s side and sneakily used mage hand to try to take it. When she saw the cover, however, her mind was flooded with images of fire and stars. The vision broke her concentration, but she knew the journey was incredibly powerful and radiating with evil. As the group left, Montague looked back as the door was shutting to see an outline of crow feathers around the Lieutenant. The door slammed shut and sealed itself.

As the door shut, the group was suddenly in a large open field. David looked 15 years old. His sister ran up to him telling him she was engaged, but she was terrified of what her father would think.

Lexi’s pixie loved the idea of true love!

David followed Beth to the house and stood up to his father to defend his sister and her fiancé. Men came riding up on horses with beautiful armor and stopped to talk with Barnabus Jones, David’s father. It was a young General Malyx.

Malyx asked David if he was ready to join the Terafon army, but David replied that he needed to stay with his family to protect them. Malyx admired this and gave him a shield, the same one David has to this day. As Malyx left, he said, “Long live Istarius,” and the vision came to an end.

The group then found themselves in a room with people dress in lavish clothing, dancing and having a good time. Lexi saw Elric, the shadow thief she met while they were scheming and lying their way into the upper class in Terafon.

Clara concentrated and disappeared from the group.

An older version of Malyx walked into the room with a glass of wine. He called out a charlatan and his wife. He asked the charlatan where he got his ring before cutting the man’s finger off. The man claimed it was his father’s.

Malyx explained the ring belonged to the Arc Duke, Nelthion, who did not have an heir. He told the man and woman to dance, having his guards rip off their clothes as they tossed them into the center of the ballroom. After the dance, Malyx stabs the man, and sent the woman to work in the kitchen. Malyx explained his mother did not receive mercy for being an elf and he would show no signs of mercy now. Malyx walked away, telling the band to play louder.

Lexi, scarred for her life, led the group on an escape into the bathrooms and through an underground tunnel. Her plan was always to infiltrate Terafon to help rescue the elves who had been enslaved. As Lexi crawled out of the tunnel, she was overcome with emotion and heard cries and the clang of metal. She looked at the sky and was almost engulfed by the starry void trying to take her, but then, she saw a blue spark that pulled her out of the feeling.

“It’s okay, you can get up,” said Yessen, Lexi's blue sprite.

The sprite took Lexi and made the group invisible. As they ran through the battlefield they saw elves fighting for their lives. Men were being cut down and everyone else was being enslaved. Enari Knights with fey creatures came out of the forest and Lexi felt a tinge of hope, but only for a minute.

A black cloud of crows appeared and formed into a figure. “I think not," it said, "the fey belong to us.”

The forest came alive, attacking the Enari knights, crushing them and pulling them back into the forest.

“You have a tale to tell," the figure said, staring through Lexi's invisibility, "far far away.” As the figure reached towards Lexi, all went dark.

Somewhere else, Clara was in the middle of a woods. She was a small child being carried deep into the forest by someone loving. She couldn't comprehend the words being said because of her young age. The only thing she saw was golden limbs on a golden tree shining with bright white light.

The light covered all, and the group awoke laying on a marbled floor with bookshelves surrounding them them.

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