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Return to Gerunduk

Recap for the Roll Seekers November 7, 2020 game.

The group found themselves thrown to the ground after being lifted by a beam of light. They were in the lighthouse, but it didn't look like the beautiful library they had previously been in. It was disheveled, and there was a black mirror frame with shattered glass surrounding the base of it. When they stood up, Clara and Lyra saw a flash of green, while the rest of the group just felt a bit off. When Clara and Lyra asked the others if they also saw it, they felt sick and knew it was something they should not remember but would not be able to forget.

Mal L. was there with them. “I did not think you’d have to pay the price so soon!" he said. His skin cracked and his body aged until he turned to dust. His soul flew into Montague, but strangely enough, Montague felt fine.

The lighthouse did not have any books, just dust and debris. The Trash King and Rogert, however, saw the lighthouse in the same condition as before. Rogert even picked up a book and started to read. The group saw that he was actually just playing in a pile of dust while sitting on the floor.

Montague walked outside to try to see how much time might have passed and was shot in the shoulder with an arrow.

The bandits that the group had fought before reaching the lighthouse had come back for revenge. The woman who shot Montague was named Francine and she had two other men with her. A man with a hook hand and a tall skinny man.

Clara ran out to see what was happening and tried to make Francine an offer of flowers. She found out that they called themselves, “The Flowers,” which Clara could tell might have caused some contention with the other two men.

The Trash King also offered them some of his “stuff” to avoid another conflict. He handed the hook handed man a bird skull, Francine a glass flower, and when the tall skinny man bent down to receive his gift, the Trash King threw pocket sand in his face.

Clara immediately healed the man so it wouldn’t hurt his eyes, but the action caused a bit of chaos as they all started calling Clara a witch.

The group found out that they were hunting a rare "man witch." Lyra and Clara let them know that they saw the witch in Terafon, and they knew Chucky E., the great witch hunter. The group also told them that Chucky E. was in Dwaren.

The two groups decided to trade. Montague and Lexi would copy the map of Trevia that Montague had as well as the map of Helvetia that Francine had.

While Lexi and Montague were busy sketching, David decided to have a conversation with the tall skinny man, whose name was Bud. David showed genuine interest in him and helped him decide to change his lifestyle.

Clara noticed Rogert still reading his “book” and suddenly remembered what had happened to her in the lighthouse. She ripped the book away from him so it would not drain his memories.

Francine decided to go back to her ship to get the rest of her men before heading to Dwaren, and Bud stayed with the adventuring group.

The group decided that they should rest before trying to get back to Gerunduk. Clara volunteered to take the first watch. Some time passed, but she had a strange feeling come over her, like something was calling to her. She walked into the lighthouse and looked at the mirror frame. It was no longer just an empty shell, but it was filled with darkness. She started to hear a voice in her head in a language she could not understand. This frightened Clara, since she could comprehend all languages. She momentarily woke up Lyra, but decided she was letting the place get to her and finished her watch by herself.

She told Lexi about her experience and warned her to be careful during her watch, but Lexi just thought Clara was being paranoid. Lexi spent her four-hour watch standing against the lighthouse smoking with Bud in complete silence.

In the morning, the group awoke and the mirror frame was just how it appeared the day before. David tried to pick up a piece of the shattered glass, but it immediately cut his hand through his plate gloves.

Lexi conjured a mage hand to grab the shard, and it worked.

Lyra and Lexi examined the shard, and then Lyra had an idea to try to mend it back to the frame of the mirror. Lyra used her divine magic to cast mending while Lexi had the mage hand hold the shard up to the frame. Magic erupted from the shard and everything around them was mended and looked brand new, but the shard fell to the ground.

The group got a bag from the Trash King and tried to put the shard in it, but it cut through it, just like it did with David’s glove. The group also found out that the Trash King had some type of magical bag that he was able to keep pulling items from.

When Lexi tried to pick up the shard again with mage hand, the spectral hand started to grow flesh and bleed. When the shard was put down, the hand returned to its normal state.

The group debated if they should try to take the shard with them, but decided they would let Darius know about it and come back if he wanted to study it further. Before they left, Montague looked one last time for any real books and came across the only one left in the lighthouse.

He could not read it, however, so Clara looked at it. It was, “The Book of Shadows,” the same book Lyra had found in one of the visions. This one was written in abyssal, and Clara decided to take it with her.

David used the magic runes imbued on his wrists to open a portal to Gerunduk, after making Bud dispose of all of his tobacco. The group went through the portal and found themselves back in Gerunduk.

When they looked outside, it actually started to look like a town instead of just a military base. There was still a lot of work to be done, but the town was bustling. The group found out they had been gone for five days.

Rogert desperately wanted to go see Veenar Lorne, hoping to be put on the Day Guard with the adventurers' recommendations.

The group headed to go see Veenar, when they ran into Keelix, the mayor of Ilden and the man who took care of Clara while she was growing up. He gave them updates on the town and then left, barking orders at everyone he saw.

The group went into the tent where Veenar typically met with important town figures. He was talking with Gareth about war plans. They welcomed the adventurers, and Veenar promoted Rogert to the Day Guard in the same post that he was while he was serving on the Night Guard.

Darius told the group to meet him in Varasha’s chambers. He said that if they believed they could get there, they would be able to get there. The group knew exactly how to get there anyway, so they invited Veenar to go with them and ventured out.

On their way to go see Varasha and Cecil, they ran into Ned Flandarés, who was drunk. He was a member of the Golden Inquisition, a highly reputable group of soldiers. The group also peaked into the tavern to see Len, the other surviving member of the Inquisition, sitting at the bar.

The group ignored Ned and continued on to see Varasha, but a statue of Istarias blocked the way. David believed there should be a door there, and he walked right through it. The rest of the group followed.

Inside her chambers, they saw Darius, Varasha, Cecil, and Jo Jo Domino, a little sack of flour that could speak. He was so excited to see them, but he let the group know Cecil’s condition had not changed; she was still unconscious.

The group let Darius and Varasha know that they had strange visions and saw the past. They knew that Cecil was “Star Touched.” The group told Darius of Elgrix and how he was in every vision. When Lyra told him about Elgrix having the staff, Darius said he knew who he was. He was Paltus, Varasha's brother.

Darius told them that the staff held incredible power but only if there were people behind it who believed in Istarias.

The group talked about the previous plan they had to free the slaves and get more people to believe in Istarias. They decided that plan was crucial to their goals. Clara also showed Darius the Book of Shadows, but he couldn’t read it since it was written in abyssal. He threw it in a pile of books, so Clara took it back.

Montague told Darius that he believed that Elgrix was causing the Star Touched. He thought that it may be possible Paltus had been consumed by some dark being, morphing him into Elgrix. They told Darius of the black mirror, and he had never heard of it, but Varasha spoke up.

She knew of it. Her father had told her that Ordos, the God of Magic, made several mirrors and spread them across the world—a gift to unite all people; however, they were now tainted—imbued with the power of another God. Something had affected Ordos' gift and the mirrors were now incredibly dangerous. The mirrors would tell someone anything they wanted to know but at a terrible price.

All of a sudden, the group heard a voice in their heads, “It must be paid.” The group realized that when they entered the lighthouse, they really activated the mirror.

Montague asked if they still had part of the staff.

Varasha opened a secret compartment in the statue and took out the piece she had. Montague took the staff and examined it. He believed Elgrix was using the other part of the staff to create the “Star Touched.” Montague thought that maybe this piece could reverse the curse on Cecil.

Montague held the staff to the sunlight and everyone else grabbed hold of the staff as well. Montague prayed to Istarias and the staff grew warm in his hand.

Everyone believed in the Goddess, and the staff glowed bright gold. The group's eyes sparkled with stars, and a breath was heard from the bed. The staff became red hot as everyone dropped it, but Cecil was alive.

Jo Jo Domino rushed to her. The group realized they may all be “Star Touched,” but they were not sure to what extent or what it really meant.

A boom, crack, and flash erupted as the group looked out the window and saw a familiar massive tower. A wizard stood far, far in the distance. Khatzup...

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