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The Distant Lighthouse

Recap September 5, 2020

The group found themselves in a deep dark wood following a stream as they tried to find the lighthouse. Clara had just had a strange vision, and as she snapped out of it, she looked down to see that she was holding a large acorn. She belied that she just witnessed a vision of Yverous, but she was unsure. Still, the words rang in her ears, "There are not many like you," but she did not know what that meant.

Soon after, the group ran into a human and elf that were on the run. Before they could have a proper introduction, they were attacked by a large snake, which was quickly dispatched. Later, they learned the couple's names, Hardrick and Fel. The pair happened to be going the same direction as the group, so they accompanied the adventurers.

They traveled for quite some time before they came upon a mound with a small-sized hole carved in it, creating a doorway. This is where they met the “Trash King,” a small goblin who tried to steal their equipment, which caused quite a ruckus, as spells, such as enlargement, were flung about.

Rogert was quite uncomfortable, but after some wheeling and dealing with the Trash King, Lyra and Montague were able to help him recreate his Loxodon friend out of trash before reanimating it. Her name was Zarj.

As they came closer to the lighthouse, they saw an Ogre accompanied by some other men in a wooded area. As some of the members of the group tried to sneak by, they were attacked. There seemed to be an obvious leader, and while they were able to dispatch most of his men, they were unable to catch him. They did, however find a note that read, “You have not seen the last of us.“

Finally, they came upon the lighthouse where Mal L. greeted everyone, having already met Montague, as well as Chi Fey, once before. He welcomed them, “You may enter the lighthouse, but it will come with at a price...”

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