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The Silent Order

Recap September 19, 2020

Mal L. waited for an answer. Did the group want to enter into the lighthouse? What would the price be? Montague would have to pay two prices, one of which was taking Mal L’s position as keeper of the lighthouse. Regardless of the high cost, the entire group, even Rogert, decided to enter. As they did, they were covered in light.

When the light cleared, they found themselves in a small town, Lyra’s home of Rentas. They all looked about eight years younger and were unable to “will out” of what they thought might be an illusion. The town arbiter, approached and told Lyra she was missing her prayers and should be at the temple. It was like she was a teenager again and was expected to go to class. Lyra and the group tried to find Lyra’s parents and ran into some familiar faces in town. They spoke with Karen Alhana, who told Lyra her parents were about to set out to go back to her mother’s homeland. The timing seemed off.

Montague tried to find the temple's library, and Rogert went with him, helping to keep watch as Montague looked for hidden secrets. Montague found some books on Ahzaran and then came upon a secret journal, which turned out to just be the same copy as the book on Ahzaran but with someone’s notes written in it.

Lyra and the rest of the group wen to her childhood home. No one was there. Everything looked normal at first but then Lyra saw black moss growing in the corners of the walls and everything looked like it was in disarray. The vision faded and everyone went outside where they saw Montague heading over with a book in his hand. He told them about the journal he found, but Lyra explained it was actually hers. She was the one that had hidden it away in the library.

There was a commotion in the center of town and the group ran to see what it was. There, they saw a dark figure throw a woman dressed in white into the town's central fountain.

“Where is she?” the figure said to the woman.

None of the magic users were able to but Lyra ran at the figure anyway, trying to cast turn undead. It did not work. The figure threw Lyra's shield aside and grabbed her by the neck.

The woman in white then showed her face before yelling, “Lyra run!” It was Lyra's mother, and she was dying.

The figure who was holding Lyra, had a face made of worms with eyes that looked like a dark void. Images forced their way into Lyra's mind, and it felt like tentacles were swimming through her skull.

All of a sudden, the hand grasping her neck was severed, and she saw a man telling her to run. It was her father. As Lyra ran she looked back and saw a familiar face, Sal's.

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