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Visions in the Light House

The group found themselves in a throne room in the city of Terafon. To their dismay, they saw Elgrix sitting upon the throne holding a scepter with a crescent moon shape at the top.

“You will never leave this place" he said, "Welcome to the nightmare!”

The room started to fill with darkness, and Montague reacted quickly, grabbing the cookbook. The cookbook erupted with light and the darkness and shadows around them started to fade away. Still in partial darkness, the group heard a loud roar from an invisible beast. They all touched the book, hoping Darius’ light would stop this madness. The book healed Clara's and David’s burning hands, and everyone saw their own vision.

Clara saw an elven woman holding her as a small child. She told her Yverous would protect her.

Montague saw himself a few years younger, being told he would no longer become second in command in his town, but that Terafon had requested someone with his talents and he was to travel there.

David saw himself at home on the ranch. Bandits were riding on horseback and his sisters and mother ran inside the house. He braced his shield to the ground, knocking a man off his horse, causing the remaining bandits to run the other direction.

Lexi saw the battlefield where the Elves were being struck down.

The little sprite said to her “I will always protect you. Together we will never be alone.”

Lexi felt for the first time at home, and had hope that she would not share her people's fate.

Lyra saw herself in her hometown as well, talking with a high clergy member.

“Lyra, you have shown faith, strength, and zeal, and we have chosen you to spread the word of Ahzaran to Istarius.” He handed her a small golden piece of a dragon scale, which is now hewn into her shield.

The group then saw the others they had traveled with in their past, and they could tell they were desperate for the madness to end. When their eyes opened, they saw nothing but stars for a moment, and in the blink of an eye they saw the lighthouse with Mal L. waiting for them. The group searched through the library to see what hidden knowledge could be tucked away.

When they asked Mal L. about the Star Touched, he responded with, “I’m not quite sure what you mean.”

He later responded the same way to another question, and the group started to feel like something was amiss. Everyone in the group happened to find a book directly related to what they were studying or interested in. Montague and David decided not to read them, while Clara, Lyra, and Lexi all started looking through the books they had found.

As the three were reading, but Lyra seemed to shake off a weird feeling. Lexi and Clara on the other hand noticed nothing strange, and suddenly the pages of the books they were reading became blank. Then their memories started to vanish as they were being drained from their minds and written down on the books' pages.

Lyra realized when she looked away from the book that she had no knowledge of reading anything and that something felt very wrong. Mal L. tried to give her another book as he was becoming very angry that she had stopped reading. Lyra tried to help Lexi stop reading, and ended up destroying Lexi's and Clara’s books.

Mal L. started to look distorted, insects were crawling out of him and then he bursted into a monstrous being. The group attacked Mal L. and two other insect beings that had come to his aid.

After taking down the three monsters, the book shelves in the library started cracking and breaking apart. The whole lighthouse felt like a platform in mid air. Three massive tentacle-like arms started pulling the platform down into the darkness, but there was one small beam of light shooting down from the sky. Montague ran to the light and opened the book under it. The rest of the group ran to the light as well, and tried to amplify it with shields and guidance from their gods.

The group was overcome with emotions as the ground beneath them started to collapse, but somehow they were not falling. They watched in amazement as everything around them fell into the void while they rose up and floated closer to the light. The light dissolved around them, and they found themselves back in the lighthouse.

Change your roll, change your fate.

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