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Play Our New Dungeons and Dragons Race: The Vey

Looking for a new Dungeons and Dragons race to play? Then try our newest race, the Vey.

“We have never existed, yet some remember when we did.

The Vey are a lost people. During the first war of Nabell, the Teller erased the story of a powerful and beneficent people. As the Teller’s untelling spread, this race ceased to ever have existed within the Uniseph. Unfortunately for the Teller, their abilities were still in their adolescence, imperfect and chaotic. The untold tale of the race was incomplete; artifacts of art, history, culture, and great importance remained in the ruins of the race’s non-existence.

When other races found these items, they began to remember the people lost to the Great Song. These memories were enough to bring the Vey back from the Infinite Dark. These “Remembered” beings became the Vey, and while they survived the untelling, it stripped them of most of their material existence.

Barely remembered by the Song of Creation, the Vey are now wisps of their former selves, ethereal beings caught between the world of Nabell and the Void beyond.

Try this brand new class in your campaign today:

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