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Play Our New Dungeons & Dragons Class: Ethomancer

Looking for a Dungeons & Dragons new class to play? In Campaign Two of Roll Seekers and the Legend of Nabell, an Umtheran Ethomancer travels to the land of Tyve to siphon the life of the living. Click the photo or button at the bottom of this page to download the PDF, and bring Ethomancy to your table.

Ethereal blue light dances along the shimmering shaft of an ebon blade. It sings through the abdomen of a young man. There is no visible wound, but the victim looks aged and withered as though their lifeforce was siphoned from them.

A hulking mass of phantasmal screams made manifest bares down on an army of trolls. Misty white fog stretches from its corporeal, amalgamated hands outward and attacks a soldier with its might.

A ball of shadows erupts in the distance, covering a group of kobolds in a miasma of black wisps. A moment later tendrils of shadow erupt from the kobolds, being pulled toward a mage on the edge of the battlefield. When it is over the mage looks younger and vibrant while the withered husks of the kobolds lay sprawled along the ground.

Ethomancers are masters of the soul. They manipulate the essence of their victims to make themselves stronger. Wielders of both sword and sorcery, these necro-spellswords are at home in the most dismal wastes or amongst the ebb and flow of the living.

Try this brand new class today:

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