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The actual play Dungeons & Dragons web series streams every other Tuesday,

Change Your Roll. Change Your Fate.

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September 6 — Campaign 1, Episode 33 at 6pm CT

October 4 — Campaign 1, Episode 34 at 6pm CT

October 18 — Campaign 1, Episode 35 at 6pm CT

November 1 — Campaign 1, Episode 36 at 6pm CT

The Legend of Nabell


"In the darkness lies the light of the gods..."


The Legend of Nabell is a series of original stories developed by Dustin Ritchea and expanded upon by the incredible imaginations of the rest of the Roll Seekers. 


Over the course of many campaigns, these epic, high fantasy stories will tell the overall legend of the Nameless god and the mortals who try to stop him


Click to learn more of the current campaign:

The Trevian Forest – Rise of the Fated.

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Meet the Roll Seekers

Cast and Crew

Roll Seekers is an unofficial Dungeons and Dragons web series on Twitch. The live tabletop role-playing show is performed by a group of six friends and family members led by Dungeon Master, Dustin Ritchea. 

Tune into Roll Seekers & The Legend of Nabell on the first and third Saturdays of the month for an adventure made for fans of swords and sorcery, high fantasy, and mythopoeic narratives of eucatastrophe.

"I seek that which cannot be done, and in that, I shall change everything." — Lord Dreon

Even heroes need reminders now and then. Check-in every other Saturday for a recap of the latest episode. Our recaps help you catch up on the shenanigans so you're ready for the next initiative.

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